This 30 year old kitchen needed an update.
We not only updated the kitchen, we removed a wall and raised the ceiling for a more open feel;  created a large island for easy entertaining.
When I walked into this kitchen there were doors missing, two doors hanging from one hinge and very worn stain/finish.  We added some new cabinets after we removed those that were full of mold due to a leak at the sink, removed a lowered ceiling, removed a closet/pantry which was nonfunctional and added a 36" pantry with pull-outs.
This kitchen was part of a larger remodel where we removed walls, built a 22 x 28 addition and converted their old kitchen and master bedroom into the kitchen. 
From this very pedestrian kitchen.
To this urban chic kitchen
backsplash and granite
before image of this small kitchen
removed a wall and soffit, new cabinets, floor and appliances. Of course, added a lot of lights
leftover granite used for a table on the new deck
Here we used a space above the stairway to the lower level to create a pantry that is equipped with 36" deep pullouts.
best use of that corner space in this small kitchen
Before pictures of a kitchen where we changed some cabinets and saved others.  Can you tell which cabinets we saved?
And After.
Kept cabinets and added to the old cabinets
Removed a wall to extend into the dining area
Family feels it is more functional and they love their new kitchen